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Songoftheday 12/23/15 - So if you go away I know that I will follow, 'cause there's a place inside my heart that tells me hold out...

"Wait" - White Lion
from the album Pride (1987)
Billboard Hot 100 peak: #8 (one week)
Weeks in the Top-40: 11

Today's song of the day comes from the hard rock band White Lion, who came together in New York under Danish-born lead singer Mike Tramp and local boy and guitarist Vito Bratta. After releasing an album that hit the chart but didn't sell enough to keep the label around, the hard rock group with a glam-ish appearance switched over to Atlantic Records, where they recorded their second and breakthrough album, Pride. The first single from the set, "Wait", was released back in the summer of 1987, but it took months for radio to catch on, after MTV took a liking to the straight-forward metal "don't break up with me" song, written by Tramp and Bratta, and produced by Michael Waggener, guitarist for the seminal German metal band Accept...

"Wait" became White Lion's first big hit, reaching the top ten on the American pop chart in May of 1988. The song also reached #18 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock radio chart (at that time, it was more difficult for "metal" and "glam" bands to do really well in that format). In Canada, the song missed the top-40 at #48, while over in England it missed the top-75 altogether.

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...and here's the band performing "Wait" live in New York at the Ritz to a hometown crowd...

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