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Songoftheday 2/6/17 - So long that I've waited for a girl to come into my life and in my world...

"I'll Be Your Everything" - Tommy Page
from the album Pictures In My Mind (1990)
Billboard Hot 100 peak: #1 (one week)
Weeks in the Top-40: 13

Today's song of the day comes from pop singer/songwriter Tommy Page, who had gone from a coat check boy to a teen idol in waiting in the spring of 1989 with the sappy ballad "Shoulder To Cry On". After opening for the insanely popular New Kids On The Block on tour, Tommy got help from members Danny Wood, Mark Wahlberg, and Jordan Knight for his sophomore album Paintings In My Mind. Wood and Knight co-wrote the first single "I'll Be Your Everything" with Page, and yes, it's another sappy ballad, but don't fix what isn't broke, and he found himself with a huge hit. It was surely helped by the NKOTB connection, with Michael Jonzun's production sounding exactly like an outtake from Hangin' Tough...

"I'll Be Your Everything" went all the way to #1 on the American pop chart in April of 1990. The single also climbed to #31 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary (or "easy listening") radio chart. Overseas, the song was a minor hit in Britain at #53.

Page had a second single from Paintings In My Mind, the mid-tempo "When I Dream Of You", just miss the top 40 in America at #42. Since then, his career has been more behind the scenes, becoming a record executive at Warner Brothers behind a stint as publisher at Billboard magazine, the chart standard that chronicled his rise to #1 in the first place.

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Here's Tommy singing "I'll Be Your Everything" on the radio in Singapore (he has a large Asian fanbase) in 2015...

Up tomorrow: California pop singer spreads the word about her True Love.

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