Monday, May 15, 2017

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"We're All In The Same Gang" - The West Coast Rap All-Stars
from the album We're All In The Same Gang (1990)
Billboard Hot 100 peak: #35 (one week)
Weeks in the Top-40: 3

Today's song of the day was a charity event record that brought together some of the biggest names in hip-hop in the beginning of the decade. Put together and produced by N.W.A.'s Dr. Dre, "We're All In The Same Gang" was released as a counterpart to KRS-One's Stop The Violence collective, which featured rappers from the eastern seaboard of the U.S. and went to #30 on the R&B chart with the record "Self-Destruction" in 1988. Dre's new West Coast crew, dubbed the West Coast Rap All-Stars, had top-40 hitmakers like MC Hammer, Digital Underground, JJ Fad, Michel'le, Young MC, and Tone Loc, along with then-underground artists like Ice-T, Above The Law, and N.W.A.'s Dre, Eazy-E, and MC Ren, among others. Making an entire album, a "Band Aid"-like single "We're All In The Same Gang" was released to radio and record stores to promote it, and the production of the track is on point...

"We're All In The Same Gang" spent a few weeks inside the pop top 40 in August of 1990. The single also climbed to #10 on Billboard's R&B chart.

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