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"The Arms Of Orion" - Prince with Sheena Easton
from the album Batman (Original Soundtrack) (1989)
Billboard Hot 100 peak: #36 (one week)
Weeks in he Top-40: 3

Today's song of the day is by the late R&B/pop/rock wunderkind Prince, who had provided the pop music soundtrack to the Tim Burton film franchise-starter Batman. From it his mixed up single "Batdance" went all the way to #1 on the American pop chart, while the follow-up "Partyman" reached the top-20 in the fall of 1989. The third release from the album was a ballad duet sung with Sheena Easton, who he had previously paired up with for one of the most fun songs he's ever put to radio, "U Got The Look". This time, it's a traditional-style rom-com love song...

(Sorry, but even in death, Prince's Neanderthal opinion of the internet continues even after his death, with all video/audio availability scrubbed out by his lawyers. Hell, even the Rolling Stones know the power of promotion/revenue with their own popular YouTube channel. I still assert that's gonna tarnish his career in time, as younger generations will simply ignore him. So here's a cheesy remake. There.)

"The Arms Of Orion" became the third pop top-40 hit from the Batman movie in December of 1989. The single was Prince's first hit on the Adult Contemporary (or "easy listening") format, climbing to #21. Internationally, the song was a bigger hit across the pond, reaching #5 in Ireland and #27 in the UK, and making the top-40 in the Netherlands (#13) and Belgium (#33).

While "The Arms..." was climbing the pop chart, Warner Brothers was promoting a different Batman track to R&B stations, "Scandalous", which went all the way to #5 on the "Black singles" chart in Billboard

Up tomorrow: A Scottish rock legend rails to the city.

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