Friday, May 26, 2017

Songoftheday 5/26/17 - I want the best I won't settle for less, since Cupid shot my heart I'm stressed...

"Romeo" - Dino
from the album Swingin' (1990)
Billboard Hot 100 peak: # (one week)
Weeks in the Top-40: 10

Today's song of the day comes from dance-pop singer Dino, whose debut album 24/7 had proven to be a "grower" in the record shops, eventually sending five singles onto the pop charts, with two of them, "Sunshine" and the #7 "I Like It", reaching the top 40. In 1990, the Las Vegas-based artist released his second album, Swingin'. The first single, "Romeo", bridged the gap between the dance-pop of the late 1980's (like Debbie Gibson) with the new jack swing that was in full gear by the beginning of the new decade. Written and produced by Dino, it became his highest-charting single...

"Romeo" became Dino's second top ten pop hit in October of 1990. The single also crossed over to Billboard's R&B chart at #69, while the remixes on the 12" single made it to #35 on their Dance Club Play list. Internationally, the song reached the top-40 with our neighbors to the north Canada at #32.

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Here's Dino performing "Romeo" on the Arsenio Hall show...

Up tomorrow: Italian dance act hires a Weather Girl and pulls a switcheroo for a club and radio smash for all people all people.

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