Monday, May 22, 2017

Robbed hit of the week 5/22/17 - Gloria Estefan's "Cuts Both Ways"...

"Cuts Both Ways" - Gloria Estefan
from the album Cuts Both Ways (1989)
Billboard Hot 100 peak: #44

This week's "robbed hit" comes from Gloria Estefan, whose first album billed as a solo artist (apart from the Miami Sound Machine), Cuts Both Ways, had landed her three top-40 hits with "Here We Are", "Get On Your Feet", and the #1 pop hit "Don't Wanna Lose You". A fourth single, "Oye Mi Canto (Hear My Voice)", made the top ten on the Latin Songs chart while almost reaching the top-40 in the spring of 1990. The fifth single released from the set brought out another ballad from the album, the title track written by Gloria and produced by her husband Emilio along with MSM members Clay Ostwald and Jorge Casas. It has her going through a bad breakup, in an adult but thoroughly emotional way, and is one of her best and most nuanced ballad performances...

While "Cuts Both Ways" sailed all the way to #1 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary (or "easy listening") chart, the song stalled right under the top-40 on the pop Hot 100 in August of 1990. It's understandable, being the fifth single from a hit album, the sales didn't quite match the radio play. The track did reach the top-40 internationally in Canada (#38), Australia (#38), and Ireland (#22), while in New Zealand, the song got as high as #10.

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And here's Gloria singing "Cuts Both Ways" on a TV appearance promoting the single...

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