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Songoftheday 4/6/17 - I'm sick and tired of being left at home, while the boys go out and leave us all alone...

"Girls Nite Out" - Tyler Collins
from the album Girls Nite Out (1989)
Billboard Hot 100 peak: #6 (one week)
Weeks in the Top-40: 13

Today's song of the day comes from R&B singer Tyler Collins, who fronted an obscure vocal group before heading out on her own, releasing her debut album in 1989. The first single from the set, "Whatcha Gonna Do" was a respectable urban radio hit, reaching #8 on Billboard's R&B chart, but the new jack swing jam didn't make even a dent on the pop Hot 100.  That changed with the follow-up, a rebuttal for women whose men leave them home alone. "Girls Nite Out", written by Sheri Byer and Darryl Ross, was still in the new jack vibe, but has a little more "sheen" to the production, and pop radio loved it, while R&B stations took to this snazzy Soul II Soul-inspired mix...

Tyler Collins - Girls Night Out (Soul 4 Soul... by OldschooloveGermany

"Girls Nite Out" made it all the way into the top ten on the American pop chart in August of 1990. The single also climbed to #8 on Billboard's R&B chart, while the remixed single peaked at #33 on their Dance Club Play list. A third single from her debut album, the uptempo Jody Watley-esque  "Second Chance", climbed to #30 on the R&B chart and stopped at #53 on the pop Hot 100.

Collins released her second album, Tyler in 1992, and while it spun off two minor R&B hits, only "It Doesn't Matter" slipped on to the pop chart at #88.  Three years later, she contributed a track to the Disney's Winnie The Pooh tribute album Take My Hand: Songs From The 100 Acre Wood, and the result, "Never Alone (Eeyore's Lullaby)", shot up to #48 on the pop chart in 1995. Since then she's been more known for her acting.

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Here's the pop radio mix for the song...

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