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Songoftheday 3/18/17 - Gone the voice that used to fill the room is all but gone, an echo of a perfect love that ended wrong...

"I'll See You In My Dreams" - Giant
from the album Last Of the Runaways (1989)
Billboard Hot 100 peak: #20 (one week)
Weeks in the Top-40: 8

Today's song of the day comes from the hard rock band Giant, who came together in the mid-80s under two brothers, Dann and David Huff, who were Christian rock artists originally in the band White Heart at the beginning of the decade. With keyboardist Alan Pasqua and bass player Mike Brignardello, the Nashville-based group released their debut album Last Of The Runaways in 1989. The first single from the album, "I'm A Believer" was I guess a pun on their religious background, since it was by far not that but a raucous womanizing glam-metal-ish number, and it climbed to #13 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock radio chart and #56 on the American pop Hot 100. They followed with "Innocent Days", which came across like a Richard Marx outtake, which missed the pop chart but did do a little better at rock radio, peaking right under the top ten at #11. And as with a lot of those hard rock/metal acts, they went to the "power ballad" on the record for the "hat trick". This time it was "I'll See You In My Dreams", written by Pasqua with songwriter Mark Spiro. The single, like the rest of the album, was produced by Terry Thomas, leader of one of my favorite power-pop bands, Charlie. And it fit in the mold of a lot of the "heartbreak" songs that bands relied on...

"I'll See You In My Dreams" became Giant's sole top-40 pop hit in June of 1990. The song also climbed to #7 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock radio chart. Over in Britain, the single popped on to the chart for a week at #96.

In 1992, the band released a second album, Time To Burn, in which the lead single, "Chained", only made it to the Mainstream Rock list at #16. Dann left shortly after to concentrate on writing and producing, which he was even more successful with in the country genre, aiding acts like Rascal Flatts, Faith Hill, and Lonestar. Fusqua also departed at that time, with the other Huff and Brignardello reuniting with Dann for one more album in 2001, then recruiting Terry Brock and John Roth for another in 2010.

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Here's the band performing the song live on the Arsentio Hall show to promote the album...

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