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Twostepcubchart's Best of 2016: Part Three - #80 to #71...

We're up to part three of my year-end recap of the biggest hits on my weekly music chart for 2016. You can check out parts one and two by clicking here...

#80 - "Fix" - Chris Lane
          from the album Girl Problems (2016)
          Highest rank: #10 (one week)
          Weeks on the chart: 16
          Billboard Hot 100 peak: #65
          Songwriters: Abe Stoklasa, Sarah Buxton, Jesse Frasure

This may sound more Maroon 5 than Nashville, but who cares when this country hunk-ie delivers this addictive slice of crossover heaven that's got more soul than a ton of beer and truck tracks currently at the format.

Killer lyric: I got that love medicinal,
                    I'll make you feel invincible,
                    I'm more than recreational...

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#79 - "Move" - Luke Bryan
          from the album Kill The Lights (2015)
          Highest rank: #8 (two weeks)
          Weeks on the chart (in 2016): 14 (still charting)
          Billboard Hot 100 peak: #50
          Songwriters: Luke Bryan, Michael Carter, Jay Clementi

With the rise of funky country bros like Lane, relative veterans like the reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year Bryan, who turned 40 this year, had to take notice, as this bit of pop played on country stations had a groove definitely not for two-stepping, but butt-shaking. In return, his fifth #1 airplay hit from his Kill The Lights album.

Killer lyric: It's like there's something in the air,
                   That turns you wild when a country song
                    Is way up loud and the sun goes down...

#78 - "I Need Never Get Old" - Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
          from the album Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats (2015)
          Highest rank: #10 (one week)
          Weeks on the chart: 15
          Billboard Hot 100 peak: did not chart
          Songwriter: Nathaniel Rateliff

This amazing blues-rock band had a classic out-of-the-box jam with the first single from their self-titled album, "S.O.B.". which went to #2 on my chart right at the end of last year, suffering the fate of just missing the year-end chart at #102 (this year it came in at #146); if its "points" were all in one year, it would've been in my top-40. However they had no problems with the third hit from the set, "I Need Never Get Old", which reverse-Benjamin Buttoned them back into the top 10. Their album was one of the highlights of the last two years. It's only fitting they're on the Stax label with its soul history, and they should've been nominated for a Grammy for sure.

Killer lyric: While I try my best to cover our eyes,
                     It's a common way to blame and hide the truth...

#77 - "You Look Like I Need A Drink" - Justin Moore
          from the album Kinda Don't Care (2016)
          Highest rank: #3 (two weeks)
          Weeks on the chart: 15
          Billboard Hot 100 peak: #79
          Songwriters: Rodney Clawson, Natalie Hemby, Matt Dragstrem

After a series of middling trad-country offerings, Moore goes all Rolling Stones guitar crunch in his fifth #1 country hit, which had one of the most enjoyable music videos of the genre, where he comes off adorable in the Patton Oswalt out west kind of way. It was on the country chart at the beginning of the year, but took over 40 weeks to reach the top.

Killer lyric: You're comin' over tonight 'cause it couldn't wait,
                    Now you're in the drive, I'm a wreck inside
                    As you walk in through that door...

#76 - "Record Year" - Eric Church
          from the album Mr. Misunderstood (2015)
          Highest rank: #18 (three weeks)
          Weeks on the chart: 18
          Billboard Hot 100 peak: #44
          Songwriters: Eric Church, Jeff Hyde

I could really relate to this mid-tempo rumination from the country rocker that brings all his emotions out in vinyl. Bringing him back to #1 on the country radio chart, this song exemplifies Eric best, when he's understated.

Killer lyric: Slowly plannin' my survival
                    In a three foot stack of vinyl,
                    Since you had to walk on outta here
                    I've been havin' a record year...

#75 - "Humble and Kind" - Tim McGraw
         from the album Damn Country Music (2015)
         Highest rank: #20 (one week)
         Weeks on the chart: 17
         Billboard Hot 100 peak: #30
         Songwriter: Lori McKenna

A thoughtful bit of wisdom that's nominated for a Grammy this year, which its songwriter, Lori McKenna, won for "Girl Crush" last year. She's also nominated for three more awards in the Americana/folk categories. A good diversion for the now elder-statesman of popular country, whose been seemingly pushed lately into weird musical choices.

Killer lyric: When you get where you're goin',
                    Don't forget turn back around,
                    Help the next one in line,
                    Always stay humble and kind...

#74 - "Cold Water" - Major Lazer featuring Justin Bieber &
         from the album Music Is The Weapon (2017)
         Highest rank: #13 (two weeks)
         Weeks on the chart (in 2016): 18 (still charting)
         Billboard Hot 100 peak: #2
         Songwriters: Thomas Pentz (Diplo), Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Karen Marie Ørsted (MØ), Benjamin Levin (Benny Blanco), Jamie Scott, Philip Meckseper, Henry Allen

Alternative dance act Major Lazer, who got their breakthrough last year on mainstream radio with "Lean On", which ended up at #10 on my 2015 year-end list, are back now with the only song on my year-end list that has Canadian scourge Justin Bieber. The fact that they can use him to guide this swaying bit of trop-house goodness shows you how good they are. Also Ed Sheeran songwriting, and Danish gem MØ (who sung lead on "Lean On") providing assistance.

Killer lyric: 'Cause we all get lost sometimes, you know?
                    It's how we learn and how we grow
                    And I wanna lay with you 'til I'm old,
                    You shouldn't be fighting on your own...

#73 - "Ain't No Man" - The Avett Brothers
         from the album True Sadness (2016)
         Highest rank: #10 (two weeks)
         Weeks on the chart: 15
         Billboard Hot 100 peak: did not chart
         Songwriters: Seth Avett, Scott Avett, Bob Crawford (Avett Brothers)

"We Will Rock You" rewritten as a gospel song, this nugget from the brotherly rock group takes you to church on this former #1 alternative adult rock hit.

Killer lyric: Not a whole lot of time for me or you,
                    Got a whole lot of reasons to be mad, let's not pick one,
                    I live in a room at the top of the stairs,
                    Got my windows wide open and nobody cares...

#72 - "River" - Bishop Briggs
          from the EP Bishop Briggs (2016)
          Highest rank: #10 (two weeks)
          Weeks on the chart: 18
          Billboard Hot 100 peak: did not chart
          Songwriters: Sarah Grace McLaughlin (Bishop Briggs), Ian Brendon Scott, Mark Jackson

This British singer/songwriter grew up in Asia, but her art is firmly implanted in American soul, as her bluesy breakthrough track carried her to the top-5 of the rock chart.

Killer lyric: How do we fall in love
                    Harder than a bullet could hit ya?
                    How do we fall apart
                    Faster than a hair pin trigger?

#71 - "Setting The World On Fire" - Kenny Chesney featuring P!nk
          from the album Cosmic Hallelujah (2016)
          Highest rank: #3 (one week)
          Weeks on the chart (in 2016): 15 (still charting)
          Billboard Hot 100 peak: #29
          Songwriters: Josh Osborne, Ross Copperman, Matt Jenkins

The unlikely coupling of the junior-Buffett country singer and the brash pop powerhouse proved to be the trick to not only return Chesney to #1 on the country chart but land him a pop radio hit as well.

Killer lyric: Wrote I love you in lipstick on the mirror,
                    We were shoutin' out the window, like they could hear us at the pier,
                    Said "Do you think we’ll live forever?"
                    As we killed another beer...
Well there goes another batch of ten on my countdown...I'll be back tomorrow with a state-ly rapper's abode, pop-punk vets shoot 'em up, and a British newcomer takes only one to tango.    

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