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twostepcubchart's Best of 2015: Part Eight - #30 to #21...

We're up to the eighth installment of my countdown of the 100 biggest songs on my personal weekly music chart this year. If you'd like to catch up, you can click over to check out part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six, part seven, and the bonus edition with the songs that almost made the cut...

#30 - "Tear In My Heart" - twenty-one pilots
          from the album Blurryface (2015)
          Highest rank: #3 (one week)
          Weeks on the chart: 20
          Billboard Hot 100 peak: #82
          Songwriter: Tyler Joseph

The indie-pop/rock duo gets "lost in translation" and has their biggest year to date, with a #1 album and this, the #2 rock single. From going from a love song to a snark on the music business to a wish for proper civil project improvements, Tyler and Josh rewrite the "witty piano rock song" for this year.

Killer lyrics: You fell asleep in my car I drove the whole time,
                      But that's okay I'll just avoid the holes so you sleep fine,
                      I'm driving here I sit cursing my government,
                      For not using my taxes to fill holes with more cement...

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#29 - "Lips Are Movin'" - Meghan Trainor
          from the album Title (2015)
          Highest rank: #2 (one week)
          Weeks on the chart (in 2015): 19 [spent one more week in 2014]
          Billboard Hot 100 peak: #4
          Songwriters: Meghan Trainor, Kevin Kadish

Sure, the Grammy nominee for Best New Artist can be pigeonholed for being a "safe (and alive) Amy Winehouse", but that takes all the fun from this second single, which managed to be even catchier than "All About That Bass" (my #19 hit of 2014), and fits right in with the early-60s girl-group canon.

Killer lyrics: I might be young, but I ain't stupid,
                     Talking around in circles with your tongue,
                      I gave you bass, you gave me sweet talk,
                     Saying how I'm your number one...

#28 - "Like I'm Gonna Lose You" - Meghan Trainor featuring John Legend
          from the album Title (2015)
          Highest rank: #4 (two weeks)
          Weeks on the chart (in 2015): 19 [still charting]
          Billboard Hot 100 peak: #8
          Songwriters: Meghan Trainor, Justin Weaver, Caitlyn Smith

And here we find Meghan again, with her fourth top ten hit on my chart (and third on the Billboard Hot 100) with his straightforward duet with pop/soul singer/songwriter John Legend. I'd love to have been in the room with them comparing songwriting notes. Again, props to Meghan for this all-inclusive romantic video...

Killer lyrics: So I'll kiss you longer baby,
                     Any chance that I get,
                      I'll make the most of the minutes,
                     And love with no regrets...

#27 - "Believe" - Mumford & Sons
          from the album Wilder Mind (2015)
          Highest rank: #2 (four weeks)
          Weeks on the chart: 19
          Billboard Hot 100 peak: #31
          Songwriters: Ted Dwane, Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall

The British folk-rock heroes put down the banjo and brought up some synthesizers on their third album, and this aspiring track was their first volley back on to the musical landscape. Taking such a charged word in this year's atmosphere and applying it to the faith in a relationship brings the strained emotion tighter.

Killer lyrics: You may call it in this evening,
                      But you've only lost the night,
                      Present all your pretty feelings,
                     May they comfort you tonight...

#26 - "Shame" - Tyrese
          from the album Black Rose (2015)
          Highest rank: #19 (one week)
          Weeks on the chart (in 2015): 26 [still charting]
          Billboard Hot 100 peak: did not chart ['bubbled under' at #103]
          Songwriters: Tyrese, Warryn Campbell

The model and actor-turned neo-soul crooner returned with his first solo album in four years, and his self-proclaimed last studio set. If so, he's definitely going out on top, with this stunning performance that may be my pick for the best R&B single of the year. Jennifer Hudson sings back-up and makes a memorable appearance in the music video produced by Denzel Washington.

Killer lyrics: I've come to this conclusion,
                     Over and over again,
                     I don't want an enemy,
                     I just want back my friend...

#25 - "First" - Cold War Kids
          from the album Hold My Home (2014)
          Highest rank: #3 (four weeks)
          Weeks on the chart (in 2015): 20 [still charting]
          Billboard Hot 100 peak: did not chart ['bubbled under' at #105]
          Songwriters: Cold War Kids

 After a decade from their first indie EP, the California alt-rock band made it big with this huge rock hit that took a year from its parent album's release to still be in my top ten. With an anger towards a young love gone wrong, this song was a battle cry for the brokenhearted this year.

Killer lyrics: Cheated and lied, broken so bad,
                     You made a vow, never get mad,
                     You play the game, though it's unfair,
                     They're all the same, who can compare?
                     First you lose trust, then you get worried...

#24 - "Nobody" - Kem
          from the album Promise To Love (2014)
          Highest rank: #7 (two weeks)
          Weeks on the chart (in 2015): 26 [spent two weeks more in 2014]
          Billboard Hot 100 peak: did not chart
          Songwriter: Kem

Like Tyrese, Kem just can't get over his lover, but in this case, it's more ambiguous who's to blame, as he only is still in the pleading stage. And such smooth, soulful pleading. Songs like this prove that there's still hope for true R&B music.

Killer lyrics: Please wait and see, you might change your mind,
                     And give your love another chance, hey girl,
                    You might even find that I'm the very best man...

#23 - "Hold Back The River" - James Bay
          from the album Chaos and the Calm (2015)
          Highest rank: #7 (four weeks)
          Weeks on the chart: 25
          Billboard Hot 100 peak: did not chart ['bubbled under' at #101]
          Songwriters: James Bay, Iain Archer

The British singer/songwriter had a worldwide hit with this rueful rocker about losing a love to the tides of time, and demanding a revisit. 2015 was quite a bittersweet year, wasn't it?

Killer lyrics: Once upon a different life,
                     We rode our bikes into the sky,
                     But now we're caught against the tide,
                     Those distant days all flashing by...

#22 - "Want To Want Me" - Jason Derulo
          from the album Everything is 4 (2015)
          Highest rank: #3 (two weeks)
          Weeks on the chart: 25
          Billboard Hot 100 peak: #5
          Songwriters: Jason Derouleaux (Jason Derulo), Sam Martin, Ian Kirkpatrick, Lindy Robbins, Mitch Allan

Jason's first single from his fourth album was so huge that unfortunately it eclipsed all of the subsequent releases from the set, which is a shame, since it's full of pop nuggets like this one, that clobbers you over the head with the keyboard chords, and Derulo does his best Michael Jackson and dances his way into your heart (and other places).

Killer lyrics: You open the door,
                     Wearing nothing but a smile fell to the floor,
                     And you whisper in my ear, baby I'm yours,
                     Ooh, just the thought of you gets me so high, so high...

#21 - "Uma Thurman" - Fall Out Boy
          from the album American Beauty/American Psycho (2015)
          Highest rank: #2 (one week)
          Weeks on the chart: 23
          Billboard Hot 100 peak: #22
          Songwriters: Fall Out Boy [Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Joe Trohman, Andy Hurley], Liam O'Donnell, Jarrel Young, Waqaas Hashmi

The Kill Bill star gets name-checked in this fun interpolation of the Munsters theme gone awry as the band who went Gladiator in "Centuries" (#45 this year) succumb to the powers of a strong woman.

Killer lyrics: The blood, the blood, the blood of the lamb,
                      It's worth two lions, but here I am,
                     And I slept in last night's clothes and tomorrow's dreams,
                     But they're not quite what they seem...

I'll return tomorrow as we enter the top 20 with the crossover country song of the year, the song Kylie shoulda had, a visit to Hungary, and more. Cheers!

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