Monday, March 02, 2015

Robbed hit of the week 3/2/15 - The Temptations' "Lady Soul"...

"Lady Soul" - The Temptations
from the album To Be Continued... (1986)
Billboard Hot 100 peak: #47

This week's "robbed hit" comes from the legendary Motown vocal soul group the Temptations, who endured a musical chairs-like succession of personnel changes in the 70s and 80s. While they were still churning out big hits in the 80s on the R&B chart, they missed the pop top-40 consistently with songs like "Treat Her Like A Lady" and "Standing On The Top". In 1986, the quintet released their album To Be Continued..., with the first single "Lady Soul" led by Ali-Ollie Woodson (who replaced Dennis Edwards), who also did the honors on "Treat Her Like A Lady". "Lady Soul", written by Australian actor and singer Mark Holden, was an easy-listening mid-tempo love song that would've killed it probably a few years before...

While "Lady Soul" climbed to #4 on the R&B chart in Billboard magazine, the single stopped short of the pop top-40 at #47 in November of 1986. Four years later, Rod Stewart would help the Tempts return to the top-10 on the pop chart as a featured guest on his "Motown Song" (with Woodson again singing lead vocals).

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And here's the Temptations performing the song live on TV in 1986...

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